Mamas of the World!

Hello and welcome to What Mother Does.  I started this project to document what mothers do to look after themselves despite also looking after one or more tiny humans (and, lets face it, also full grown humans).  Because, the thing is, WE DO LOOK AFTER OURSELVES.  Obviously there are the tracksuit and big glasses days (which, a sort of glam in itself, amIright?) but mostly I've noticed that, wherever I am, whomever I'm creepily checking out, mothers look not only presentable, but pretty damn good.  There's this mythology that seems to be present in our current zeitgeist, of the completely bedraggled, waiting-til-gin-o'clock mother who can only actually engage in a bit of self-care when left completely alone.  While  I am not disputing the necessity of alone time, it must be recognised that, for the most part, we're all getting dressed, putting make-up on and leaving the house with children and without staff.  I WANT TO KNOW HOW YOU DO IT.  So this website, and accompanying Instagram account, is all about what you mothers do, and what this mother does.  I want to know your tips, tricks, distraction techniques, application techniques and favourite products;  and I'm willing to bet other mothers out there in the ether do too. 

So here's to perving on all your beauty routines!

-Mallory x